In high school, one of my first jobs was as a telemarketer for a gutter cleaning service. I lasted for all of three hours because the pressure of persuasion was just too much for me. So, in obvious spoiler news: I’m not a convincing salesperson. Just isn’t my jam. That said, I talk non-stop about things when I care deeply and believe in them.

And since I volunteered to share this post, I thought you should know that about me.

Here’s the thing about BELONG. It’s brand new for us all. I have the privilege of being on an incredible team, and we’re working and learning and creating this from scratch. Watching (and being part of) the development has been one of the most thrilling experiences of my professional life and it’s made me so energized about getting you excited, too.

So why should this be your ticket this year? Here goes:

1. The Heart of it All: it’s YOU–the women who have told us what you need and those of you we have yet to meet. We are so deeply inspired to create an experience that will make a poignant and pivotal difference in your life. Why? Because you matter. We matter. There’s a big world that needs exactly what you have to offer and we want you to be confident in knowing what that is, and how to thrive in it.

2. All-Girlfriend-Everything: My best friend and I have this thing. When life gets thick and stress starts to creep up, we stage a mini coup against the hard stuff and spend time – often doing nothing – together. There’s something so refreshing about enjoying time with your people; those who you can do the snort-laugh and ugly-cry with, sans judgement. Such goodness for the soul. BELONG is the absolute place for that where you’ll soak in powerful and practical conversations from a diverse group of friends on topics that we need perspective on.

3. Self-care: I recently entered a new decade. With it, came some new insight (also a slower metabolism and a non-negotiable need for more than three hours of sleep a night, but whatever). My newsflash to self: I AM MY FIRST PRIORITY. I’m all-around better when I’ve taken time out to do something meaningful for myself. At BELONG, we’ll deep dive into those life areas that you probably don’t schedule on your calendar. We’re making sure that you invest the time you need getting the refreshing you deserve. I promise you, Angela Davis will knock your socks off!

4. Sharing, caring and connecting. We know that having conversations about personal things –purpose, faith, and life’s sometimes messy relationships– can be hard. Consider BELONG the space to start conversations with those women whom you’ve always wanted to connect with and couldn’t quite figure out the best way to do it. Bring them with you.

I’m going to BELONG. Heart open, ready to connect, and expectant about how my life will be better because of it.

I hope you will, too.