She is inspiration and motivation. She challenges. She charges. She is the voice that drives change for people, one body at a time. She’s Angela Davis, fitness expert, motivational coach, and, as she tells it, assigned to inspire. Today, she’s sharing a few of the tips that help her stay motivated AND what pushes her to motivate others. 

I tell my students all the time: a healthy, balanced life is way bigger than how they perform in the gym, or on a bike. Yes, we’re pursuing our fitness goals and that means hard work and commitment and sweat. But learning to change your body starts with changing YOUR MIND. Once you realize that you are worth the work, and that who you are deserves changing your perspective, you will change the way you pursue your goals. If you’re not happy about something – your body, your life, or any situation – you have do more than dwell on the negative. You MUST focus on what you want and be specific about it so that it manifests.

Be clear on your goals.

Be specific about what YOU want.

Working toward your goal won’t be easy. It won’t be without obstacles. But it’s your faith, your dedication, and your drive that will get you through. Not temporary results. Not praises of others. But it’s what’s in YOU. What you do in the valley will qualify you for the mountaintop.

You’re worth the work it takes. So do it! Be bold and fearless.  You’ve got this.