There is so much joy in opening this conversation and welcoming you to this table. We have dreamed about sharing and connecting with you in this space and now, on the BELONG blog, we’re ready to do just that. You will find many things here:  inspiration, honesty, real-life practical stuff, AND FUN. We’ll walk through the stuff of life together.

We’ll share stories from women just like you who are learning to stand sure-footed in their truths and show up for their lives every single day.

We’ll talk about purpose – and how to discover yours along the twisty-turny way.

We’ll dive into conversations on faith and what it means to live in the freedom of God’s love and grace. We’ll wade through the nooks and crannies of relationships and share meaningful ways of connecting with our friends and nurturing our loved ones.

Also, we chat about the stuff Pinterest boards are made of. Recipes and fashion tips and home-beauty fun – it’s all welcomed and celebrated!

Who you’ll hear from:

The BELONG stage team: Our speaker team includes some of the world’s most brilliant communicators, artists, makers, and truth-tellers: Jen Hatmaker, Shauna Niequist, Nichole Nordeman, Sharon Irving, Angela Davis and Patsy Clairmont – each bringing her unique voice and experience to the BELONG stage and the BELONG blog. We’ll learn from their very honest stories and perspectives on life, purpose, relationships, and the things that energize them most.

Our writer friends and experts: We know the best people. Doctors and authors, psychologists, finance pros, and coaches. They’ll join us with tips, and wisdom that will help us change and grow.

Our partners: We’ll share resources that matter to you, and tell you more about how we’re teaming up to help women discover their passions ,  find tools they need to step into their dreams, and explore how to make a world of difference.

Our in-house word girls. BELONG staffers (Susan, Chris and Leslie) will share from behind the scenes of BELONG, and from time to time, pour out their own life lessons and the trips, falls and light-bulb moments that are helping them know God more deeply, love people well, and open the doors for the most lively and honest conversations that include YOU.

This blog will be a place that you will come to over and over; for inspiration, for laughs and for powerful wisdom that will reawaken and energize you, your spirit and your dreams.

Get ready, friends. Let’s BELONG here.