It doesn’t take much to see that our BELONG stage team is a talented bunch. Among them, they’ve authored more than twenty books (several of which are New York Times bestsellers, might we add), hosted their own shows, spoken and performed on stages around the world, won Dove awards and Grammy nominations, and have over 1 million social media followers. Perhaps we’re a bit biased…but they’re kind of a big deal.

On top of their obvious talent, our speakers have some other pretty nifty gifts too. We asked some of them about their secret skill and thought you might like to know a bit more.

Patsy Clairmont: We know she’s a brilliant communicator with knack for beautiful words. What you probably don’t know? She can make a mean skillet of fried potatoes. Breakfast at Patsy’s, anyone?

Angela Davis: She’s an all-star athlete with the abs to prove it. Her Soul Cycle classes are attended by some of Hollywood’s elite. But what you don’t know? She does more than just train hard and help whip others into shape. Angela can dance; like REALLY dance.

Jen Hatmaker: Best-selling author? CHECK. TV show host? CHECK. Successful blogger and speaker? Double CHECK. But her hidden gift is pretty impressive too! Jen turns off lights responsibly. She says her family gives her tons of opportunities to practice, and she’s quite proud of her gift. Way to go, Jen. Energy conserving LIKE A BOSS.

Sharon Irving: This woman can just flat out sing. Her voice is powerful. Another fun thing her voice can do: ACCENTS! She can switch between a British tone and a New York twang without a hitch.

Shauna Niequist: Her beautiful way with words and knack for hospitality welcomes everyone. Her books and blog are full of sweet reflections and wisdom. When she’s not speaking and writing, Shauna can do a split. We’re not talking bananas either. Full on cheerleader-style! IMPRESSIVE.

Nichole Nordeman: We could ask Nichole to sing the alphabet and she’d find a way to make it deeply poetic and meaningful. Her gift for lyrics, poetry and melody are unmatched. When she’s not penning beautiful music, she has a serious crossover and free-throw on the basketball court.

Quite a group, huh? There are plenty more hidden gems that will surprise you when BELONG comes to your town. Make sure you’re there to see them for yourself.

What hidden talent or skill do you have?