So, the election results are in. Today some of you are doing a happy dance, others may be devastated, and still more don’t even know how they feel. So now what?

Welcome to your new normal.

Despite predictions to the contrary, you’ll notice that, today:
The sun rose.
Coffee is being served by your neighborhood barista.
Odds are you still have to go to work, or school, or wherever you spend your days.
Lunches still need to be packed. Dogs walked. Bathrooms cleaned (sigh).

Life goes on.

How you live it is up to you.

You could choose to live in anger and fear, spewing your discontent over everyone like acid rain. Or you can choose to live graciously and trusting, speaking words of peace and goodwill.

May I suggest that this is an excellent time to “love your neighbor”? Especially those whose yard signs didn’t match yours. I’m not suggesting you change your beliefs, just proposing that you consider the tone in which you share them. We do not have to agree with someone to offer kindness.

Until someone figures out how to colonize space, we’re all going to have to live together on this planet.  Let’s “do all that [we] can to live in peace with everyone.” After all, as Benjamin Franklin said at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, “We must all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”