BELONG Purpose Partner Life Reimagined offers a free session with a certified life coach when you sign up through BELONG. If you’ve never met with a coach, you might wonder what that experience is like. Wendy, a 40-something mom of three, recently tried it for the first time. This is her story.

Lately, I’ve been feeling something in between restless and depressed. I’m overwhelmed, over-extended and feel like my life is in a constant state of chaos.

Some of you might know that we are location independent. This means that we have the ability to live and work anywhere.

This lifestyle became a reality after painfully losing everything in the mortgage meltdown of 2007. (We were in the business.)

At that time, we made the decision to stop chasing material things and start chasing memories.

The thing is, I haven’t been doing that lately.

After preaching lifestyle design, it has become painfully obvious that I am not walking my own talk.

Sadly, the most memorable thing I’ve done in months is a solo trip to the grocery store.

In all that is involved with parenting (especially a threenager), home and business, all the fun has evaporated from my life.  I don’t even have the energy for it.

Add to that that I’m almost 45 and entering a phase in my life where I find that I want more for myself.

Years ago, I was willing to sacrifice alone time for the family. I put my goals and dreams on the back burner every time it was needed.

I don’t regret that, but I’ve realized how the lack of time for self-awareness and focus has taken its toll.

I’m not sure who I am (beyond a mom) or what I want the next season of my life to look like. There are no big goals out there, just survival.  It hasn’t felt like I even had the time to figure these things out.

In short, life has been feeling like a struggle.

Call it luck or serendipity, but as I’m in the thick of all of this, I had the opportunity to experience an online program called Life Reimagined and share that experience with you.

What is Life Reimagined?

Life Reimagined is an online subscription-based service that helps you explore, dream and plan for what’s next in life. Lead by a group of experts in their fields, this personalized platform, offers a place where people can go to discover what is meaningful to them. It is helpful for those who are looking for new possibilities as they navigate life’s crossroads. In it, you will find and abundance of resources from quizzes to step by step programs to achieve specific outcomes. You can participate in a live chat with a coach, and attend group sessions.

I dove right in and started working on my Life Map. I was enjoying the program and resources, and it helped me begin to clarify my struggles and start to take steps to rectify them.

Then something magical happened. My Life Reimagined Coaching Call

Part of the program is the ability to have one on once calls with a coach.

I hesitated to schedule it because I’m shy and can have a hard time opening up to people I don’t “click” with.

I finally did it and, oh, my.

I think I learned more about myself in an hour than in the last ten years.

I never really thought about how powerful it could be to have a conversation with a professional who could see you as you are without that being a reflection on them.

In a short time, I learned that based on my personality type it isn’t surprising how I’m feeling. Dealing with the mundane is my weakest personality trait. For me, doing boring day to day tasks is kind of like writing with my left hand. It makes me miserable and feel like a failure because I’m inefficient.

I am someone who thrives on change, but any parent of young children knows that monotony is just part of it.

I then realized that I haven’t been using one of my biggest strengths at all.

As crazy as it sounds, my favorite thing to do is plan. Since Skye was born, I’ve stopped doing this.

There is so much to do and stopping to plan feels like a luxury I don’t have time for. Crazy, right?

This lack of planning, organization, and preparation is forcing me to function in my least preferred personality type – the mundane – more often than is necessary.

Another key thing that came up is that I am an introvert who needs alone time to recharge, but I’m never alone.

So my first course of action is to create the alone time I crave.

I’ll use this time for self-care, and also to do the planning I so desperately long for.

Part of the plan will involve creating systems of organization for all the things that I hate, the things that are stressing me out daily. Things like a new cleaning schedule, freezer cooking, pantry and freezer lists, travel details, and more. The idea is that I can use an area where I do excel – planning – and eliminate some of the frustrations I have with dealing with day to day details. Once I’ve laid out a plan, I can get the family in on the execution process to free up some of the pressure on me.

Of course, there is so much more to explore on deeper levels, but I felt like this was a lot of progress for a single call.  It surprised me how actionable the coaching was.

My hope is that once I get my life out of chaos, I’ll create the space to discover what is meaningful and plot the course for the next phase of life.

I feel like this is a new beginning. I can’t wait to get back to chasing those memories.

Try Life Reimagined for Yourself!

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