School zone warning signs have stopped flashing, traffic is lighter (or heavier, depending on where you live), and swimsuit ads are popping up everywhere. It’s the season for ski trips, beach parties, mission trips, and other activities designed to keep students occupied until classes start again.

But who says spring break is just for students? The basic idea is to take a breather from the daily routine to relax and maybe blow off a little steam. Who doesn’t need to do that now and then?

What if we looked at “spring break” from a different perspective? What if you decided to take a break from . . .

  • Trying to do it all. Hard as it is to believe, the world will keep turning even if you miss [a meeting, doing the dishes, posting on Instagram, whatever it is you do].
  • Having to be right. Yes, the other person could be wrong about whatever it is . . . but maybe what they really need at this moment is not correction but love. You can be right another time.
  • Being hard on yourself. Cut yourself a little slack; offer yourself a little grace. You’re doing the best you can. We love you and we don’t want anyone being mean to you—even you.
  • Worrying. No matter how tempting, it doesn’t help. It really doesn’t.
  • Saying “later.” As in: I’ll play with you later, I’ll go with you later, I’ll rest later, I’ll ____ later… You don’t know what later will bring. You have now. Use it.

What would you like to take a break from this Spring?