The author wishes to remain anonymous because she’s about to spill some secrets. Shhhhh!

First: a little shout-out to the planners out there. The ones who research the things, plan the food, gather the people, and sheepdog everybody safely to and fro. You are my people. We like to take care of details and make sure everybody’s happy.

BUT . . .  I’ll bet there are times you wish somebody else would look after you the way you care for your peeps, am I right?

Here’s the thing: at BELONG we’ve got a way for you to do both. You can lead a group to the BELONG event in your city: Gather your people, organize the crud out of the whole weekend, make everybody happy. You’ve got this. You’re good at that.

AND for YOU: A very special behind-the-scenes event called BELONG Backstage. You can find details on how to qualify here, but let’s hurry on to the good stuff:

Here’s the Secret Part:

We’re deep into planning the BELONG Backstage experience and it’s going to be fantastic! I’ve been in a few meetings and here’s what I’ve heard:

  • You’ll meet leaders from around the country and make hundreds of new friends.
  • You’ll get to hear from our speakers—their first time speaking all together—about the “why” of BELONG and their hopes and dreams for this new adventure.
  • Rumor has it there will be a private, acoustic concert by an amazing music guest to be named later. (Sorry, I wish I could spill the name . . . but not just yet.)
  • I’m pretty sure there’s a late-night pajama party/movie screening planned—any movie suggestions?
  • Workout with Angela Davis—people stand in line literally for hours to get into her classes and we’re bringing her to you.
  • You and your new friends will get to experience the very. First. Ever. BELONG Tour event. How often do you get to be in on the beginning of something amazing? We’re setting aside lower level seats for our Backstage friends so your experience will be amazing.

I’d say more, but I want to get this posted before anyone catches me, so I’d better stop now. Hope to see you at BELONG Backstage. And remember: you didn’t hear this from me. Love ya!