You’ve probably noticed this already, but relationships are a thing for us. We love them, believe in investing in and nurturing them, and know that few things enrich our lives like experiencing full, deeply  soulful connections.

Today, we’re encouraging you to take a few moments to reflect a bit.

Think about a relationship in your life that matters to you.

Who is that person?

Why does their presence in your life matter?

What qualities about this person shine?

How is your life better because they’re in it?

Now, take a few moments and share their beauty with them. It doesn’t have to be long or overly done. Just honest.

So here’s your moment: Write a text message, make a phone call or leave your person a note of gratitude. Look them in their eyes, even. Celebrate them openly. Remind them of their goodness and what it means to your world.

You’ll be amazed at what this bit of goodness does for both you and them.

Go ahead, make it happen. Make it matter.

Speak it.