The BELONG Tour is delighted to announce that Emily Ley—creator of the boutique lifestyle brand that bears her name—will be joining the BELONG Team for our Tampa event. When you see her beautiful, purposeful planners and fresh collection of organizational tools, you’ll fall in love and want some . . . and we might just be able to help with that! (Read to the end for details.)

Inspired by her growing family, her deep Southern roots and her own Mama’s knack for keeping a perfectly imperfect home, Emily began creating the tools and products she wanted (and needed) in her own life. From there, women around the world have joined together to form a passionate community of gals who deeply desire more of what matters most in their lives and believe wholeheartedly that perfect is overrated.

We had a little chat with Emily last week about her style, her new book, and what she’s looking forward to at the BELONG Tour. It was too much fun to keep to ourselves, so we’re sharing our convo with you. Remember: Read to the end for the chance to win the Ultimate SIMPLY BELONG Prize Package!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a wife, mom of three (Brady: 5, Caroline and Tyler: 1.5), creator of the Simplified Planner, and author of Grace, Not Perfection.

It’s kind of a leap from being organized to launching a line of planners and gift items, isn’t it? Tell us that story.

Oh yes—it’s definitely a leap from being organized to launching a product line. It was a scary leap, even. I desperately needed a tool to help me manage my busy life. I knew my life wasn’t going to get much simpler or easier to navigate if I didn’t put some structure in place to make it happen. That’s where the Simplified Planner was born.

Years of using planners with so many boxes to check and so many things to fill out left me feeling even more overwhelmed. I needed a Simplified Planner and so I mocked one up with a sharpie and started using it. We run a debt-free company, so we could only create a few that year, but we grew with each passing launch date. Little by little we’ve grown the Simplified Planner to be carried in stores all over and sold on our website. It’s an honor to be able to make a product that brings hope and a fresh start to busy women.


What is it that makes the stripes so happy? (They definitely are!)

Aren’t they! We were trying to come up with a unique name for our signature rainbow stripe and each kept saying they just made us happy! So the name Happy Stripe just fit!

Tell us about your new book, Grace, Not Perfection.

One afternoon, overcome with all the overwhelm of wearing so many hats—each I loved so dearly—I decided I’d had enough of the idea that I had to have it all together. Every woman I knew was doing life so well, so perfectly. And for whatever reason, I found myself living a circus—stressed out, stretched thin, and just plain not enough.

That day, I decided to shed the shroud of perfection and hold myself to a standard of Grace. I knew, deep in my heart, that my worth wasn’t counted on how many loads of laundry needed to be done, how many tasks I hadn’t checked off my to-do list, or how many goals I wasn’t achieving every day. I knew my worth was found in Jesus and in nothing else. Grace was so much bigger, richer, better than the world’s standards. That phrase became the cornerstone of our company and, later, the title of my book. When Harper Collins Christian Publishing reached out to me about writing the story of our message, I just knew that had to be the name.

What I love most about the book is that it’s so tactical and still so lighthearted. There are very personal stories of my own life throughout intermingled with tips for creating organization, structure, and routine in your lives and homes. Plus, it’s so pretty. I call it my Hot Pink Book.

We’re excited to have you on stage at the BELONG Tour in Tampa! What are you most looking forward to?

I’m SO EXCITED to feel the ENERGY of BELONG! I’ve watched all the videos and have been following all the other speakers for years on social media.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

I’m so excited for BELONG! And ladies, you are ENOUGH. Right where you are, as you are, with what you have. You ARE enough.


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