A couple of weeks ago a bunch of BELONG group leaders from the Dallas area met up with Jen Hatmaker at an event called Savor Dallas.





It was a foodie’s dream. As guests entered one of the historic buildings in Dallas’s Fair Park, they were welcomed with a plate and a glass. Along with a crowd of hungry Dallas-ites, BELONGers strolled up and down aisles, stopping at any and every booth (there were more than 50!) that took their fancy to nibble on gourmet eats and sample drinks from some of Dallas’s finest restaurants. (Including our friends from Café Momentum, one of the 2016 BELONG Collective partners.)

But this was more than a chance to taste our way through the evening. At one point during the event the BELONGers moved into a private space next door for a meet & greet with Jen. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of “hold my plate, I need to take a picture” and “Smile!”





Sometimes it takes a team to get just the right angle.





Several group leaders enjoyed the evening with their husbands and a few of them got in on the photo op.





All in all it was a great time to meet, connect, hang out with Jen and members of the BELONG team, and enjoy a night of good food with good company.

But here’s the thing: Dallas was just the first event city with a special event for BELONG group leaders. They won’t all revolve around food—Chicago, Shauna says to get your running shoes on for your event on Saturday, May 13—but they will all be sweet times of togetherness.

How do you get an invite? It’s simple: just sign up a group of 10 people to come to the BELONG Tour event with you. (10 = 5 friends who each bring 1 friend . . . which actually adds up to 11, which is perfect because when you buy 10 tickets, the 11th one—yours—is free!)

To get in on the fun, you will need to be signed up as a group leader before your city’s group leader event. Fortunately for you, it’s easy to get started! Find out how.