The New Year is here and everyone I know is wrapped up in at least one resolution for 2017, with a few exceptions of people who refuse to make them. The beginning of a new year seems like such a great time to make meaningful changes. After being carried away with the Holidays (and then the recovery we all inevitably need), January just feels right to make changes and resolve to do better by yourself. Right?

In general, I like to think of myself as someone who consistently tries to make changes for the better. I try not to put off things that will make me healthier or happier until the New Year. (Enter resolution naysayers who ask: Why wait to make a positive change when you could just buckle down now?) However, I love the beginning of a New Year and I love New Year’s resolutions. There is so much possibility in the beginning of a fresh calendar; you have no idea what the next year will bring and that’s exciting.

Every New Year’s Eve before the kiss, my husband and I tell each other what we’re grateful for from the previous year and discuss its highs and lows. Then, we tell each other what we’d like to happen in the coming year and where we’d like to be at the end of it. When it comes to resolutions, I try to picture myself next New Year’s Eve and think really hard about what I’d like to be grateful for then.

This year, when I put myself mentally a year into the future, what I wanted the most was to be grateful for a trip outside of the country. Travelling abroad has been a dream of mine since I can remember. This idea made me more excited than I have been about anything in a while and I decided to make it happen. So far, I’ve contacted a friend who started a business to help travelers find cheap airfare and I’ve started making a list of destinations that make my heart happy. Even though I don’t plan on taking this trip until September and, making a financial plan for this is probably going to cause me a headache to two, I am determined to make this happen.

Maybe I’ll jump off a cliff (safely) in Argentina, or pray with nuns in France. Maybe I’ll see Big Ben or swim with sharks off the coast of Australia. The possibilities have already begun to change me for the better. If I can make this—one of my oldest dreams—happen, I can do just about anything.

Whatever your resolution is, make it happen. Nothing is out of the realm of possibilities. 2017 can be your year: Make the change, create new habits, have a plan, and make it happen.