How is it possibly the end of the year? It feels like we got here so fast . . . AND that we’ve been in 2016 for-ev-er. Looking back on a year that launched the BELONG Tour—and the BELONG blog—we wanted to share a countdown  of the most shared posts of 2016.

10. “That’s what friendship does: it keeps us safe and makes us brave, when left to our own inner monologues we’d be trapped in fear and shame.”
Shelter header


9.  Faith and hope; they go together but they’re not the same thing. Patsy helps us understand the difference.
blog-tour-post-growing faith


8.  “That July began the invitation to a new way of living, and each subsequent July has been a reset, a recalibration, a deeper invitation.”
belong-tour-post-0809-Present perfect


7.  What does it take to be a best friend? BELONG staffer Chris invited hers to share what they’ve learned.
belong-tour-post-0608-how to be a best friend


6.  In her modest Dallas backyard, Sarah offers a space of grace for friends, neighbors, and strangers to feel included . . . a place to belong.belong-tour-post-0502-Light Your World 2


5.  “Almost instantly the tears came and came, and with them the realization that this was how I saw myself. This is how I’d allowed myself to be seen for long.”


4.  These tips work for panicked Hollywood stars with stage fright; they might just work for you, too!


3.  Take a few moments to reflect a bit. Think about a relationship in your life that matters to you.


2.   How wonderfully freeing it is to have that moment when you realize that you are beautiful.


1.  “It is not your job to heal yourself; that is Jesus’ work. This is his best area—you can trust him. Your responsibility is to begin the hard work of forgiveness.”