When you’re in town for the BELONG Tour on September 26-17—you will be there, right?—here are 5 more reasons to visit Philly. We did not list cheesesteak as one of the reasons, but that really goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Stroll, Sniff, Savor.
The Reading Terminal Market is a foodie’s paradise: Locally grown and exotic produce, Amish specialties, handmade goodies straight from the oven, plus “the widest variety of restaurants under one roof.”

Celebrate History
The Independence National Historical Park has several famous landmarks and icons, including a well-known bell ; ). Take a tour (tickets required for some) or download the app and explore on your own.

Visit the “Big House”
Confession: we were surprised to see the Eastern State Penitentiary get such high ratings on so many lists of local attractions, but the reviews agree it’s a great experience, and they promise to let you out at the end of the tour, so why not?

Discover Art
Just 5 blocks from the Penitentiary is the Philadelphia Museum of Art—one of the largest and most renowned museums in the country. Bonus: this is the site of the iconic “Rocky” stairs, so jog to the top and strike a pose.

Explore the Magic
Magic Gardens is half a city block of indoor and outdoor, above- and below-ground inspiration, creativity, urban restoration, and just a touch of crazy, created by local artist Isaiah Zagar, who crafted another 100+ mosaics around the city.

Yo, Adrian! What else should a BELONGer do when visiting your city? Tell us about it!