Who doesn’t love it? Sure, it requires work, and often takes time to build, and no– it isn’t always a perfect tale. But the result of the work and the digging in is so fulfilling. When we witness friendship between others, it often inspires us to connect more deeply and ‘go there’ with our own people.

That’s one of the really special things about the BELONG Stage Team. They’re real-life friends who know each other beyond BELONG. That makes such a difference. Many of them have known each other for years, shared both stages and dinner tables, and have supported each other in their individual journeys of dreaming. Their connection is so fun to watch and makes for hearty exchanges and a hilarious time.

We spent some time with them recently and when we got each of them alone, we asked why they were so excited to share the stage with each of their friends. Here’s what they had to say about Jen Hatmaker.

Good stuff, huh? There’s so much more goodness to witness and enjoy from this crew.

We hope you will when they’re in your neck of the woods.