What do you love about the Easter season? The BELONG Staffers share some of their faves.   

Easter Fashion (Chris) – Growing up, Easter Sunday was always high church. Full of pomp, circumstance, frilly socks and palatial hats, the day called for wearing your best. An early lover of fashion and all things girly, I was in my glory. If selfies and hashtags were a thing in the 90s, I would have been #EasterOutfitofficial.

Resurrection Rolls (Leslie) – I make these with my boys every year; it’s a lovely (and delicious) tradition. Here’s the recipe: http://eatatallies.com/2011/04/resurrection-rolls/

Bunnies (Susan) – One Easter I got a toy rabbit with extra-long ears at just the right height for my five-year-old hands to use as a handle to make her hop. I still have Long Ears, though her ears went missing decades ago (these days she wears a hat). She reminds me of the simple joys of childhood, when a cuddly toy and some chocolate could make my day. Wait…who am I kidding? They still can.

Family (Chris) – My family would start the day together at 5 am for Sunrise Service and we stayed that way through dinner. We honored the day by sharing our hearts and our table. Precious times.

Pinterest (Leslie) – I’ve been collecting Easter crafts, recipes, and brunch table settings on a “He is Risen” board on Pinterest. I love seeing all the beautiful, creative ideas people share—and I might actually try a few of them this year.

Memories (Susan) – For many years I belonged to a church that put on big Easter pageants. There was the year the cross caught on fire while ‘Jesus’ was on it . . . the backstage race to get him cleaned up in time for his big resurrection scene . . . and the year, not long after I had knee surgery, that I played the woman caught in adultery. After the Pharisees threw me to the ground at Jesus’ feet (and after getting a whopper of a rug burn from sliding across the carpeted stage) I lay there thinking “How am I ever going to get up?” But, of course, Jesus helped me up. He does that kind of thing.

Now it’s your turn! What makes you smile this time of year?