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We’re a Community of Women . . . and an Event

We are a community of women connecting with other women, sharing stories, laughter, music, inspiration, and real-life insights to help women live vibrant, honest, and meaningful lives. BELONG Tour events take place in arenas across the country in Friday night-Saturday gatherings. Throughout those events a team of friends—who are best-selling authors, award-winning musicians, and more—inspire women to connect, dream, laugh, and live out their God-given purpose.

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A Weekend of BELONGing

BELONG Tour events are fun, fast-paced, weekends crammed with laughter and inspiration! Events start on Friday evening and go through Saturday afternoon. We do break on Friday night to sleep but usually hear happy BELONGers across the hotel hallways staying up late into the night sharing their stories, giggling together, and having the time of their lives.

BELONG Tour events sprinkle an exciting variety of music throughout the experience, so you’re likely to hear some favorites. We also pack our events with stories from speakers’ lives and from the Bible, practical tips, lots of laughter, and open-hearted sharing from all sides.

“They changed my view on life and inspired me to chase my dreams."

Stephanie PurcellOmaha, NE

Events are Happening Across the Country

BELONG Tour events are held in arenas across the U.S. The Tour runs from August through November; events start on Friday night and go through mid-afternoon Saturday.

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The Experience is a Lot of Fun When You Attend in a Group with Your Friends (+ You Get Great Benefits)

When you bring a group of 10 or more friends to an event, you can buy your tickets early—before they go on sale to the general public in May. You get the best seats at the best price. To find out more about bringing a group—call 888.550.8910 to get started. BONUS: When you gather a group of 10 or more, everybody saves money and YOU can come for FREE.

Tickets Will Go on Sale to the General Public in May.

If you only need a couple of tickets, the best place to buy tickets is—just click on “EVENTS” at the top of the page and choose the event you want to attend. If you don’t see a list of event cities, the events are not yet on sale.

Comfy Dress is the Way to Go

We’re not super dressy, but if you’re coming from work or you want to rock a certain style, feel free. In planning your “look,” you might want to keep these things in mind:

  • We’re in arenas, which often have cement floors and steep steps so choose your footwear accordingly.
  • Inside the arena it could be toasty warm or on the chilly side, so consider layers you can add or subtract as needed.

“They emphasized that everybody belongs. Even a young person like me can find safety here and connect with other women.”

Faitth BrooksAustin, TX