Last year we were introduced to the work of artist/author Kelly O’Dell Stanley and thought, “Hmmm, what if she created something for BELONG that was kind of a fun activity book for adults…about prayer?” So we asked. And she did. And we LOVE it. We’re pretty sure you will, too.

Did you know your conversations with God can be fun and creative?

And that sometimes they might include coloring?

Download a sample activity from Designed to Pray to see what that could look like.



Whether you’ve been praying for a long time or are just beginning, this eight-week adventure will infuse passion and creativity into your communication with God.

  • If you’d like to connect with God but you’re unsure how to have that kind of conversation . . .
  • For those times you wonder if God is even listening . . .
  • If you long for a close relationship with God but you feel distant and disconnected . . .
  • When your prayers feel uninspired or routine . . .

TAKE HEART:  You were created to experience life—and prayer—in full color.

Those things you’re afraid to say out loud? Write them in these pages. Indulge your quirks. Find your own way. Let go of your expectations, and trust yourself. Respond to those little nudges that point you in a new direction.

 Prayer, by my definition, is simply communication with God. Prayer is successful when you do it. Period..

—Kelly O’Dell Stanley

Seriously, this book is SO much fun. Just look at the titles of some of the activities:

  • Doodling Around
  • Alphabet Prayers
  • Color Palette of Prayer
  • Snapshots of God
  • Key Chain Prayers

Designed to Pray is an innovative way to start viewing God, the world around you, and your faith with a new perspective. It’s what you’re designed to do.


Designed to Pray author Kelly O’Dell Stanley has had a twenty-year career in marketing and advertising. Her writing awards include first place in inspirational writing in the Writer’s Digest Competition, and her visual work has been included in several design anthologies. Kelly lives in Indiana with her husband and their three children. Designed to Pray is available at BELONG Tour events, in bookstores, and online.