Have you ever known a person that just warms up the room, wherever they go? They’re the kind of friend that can ease into conversation and make you feel right at home. No faking it, no pretenses…just authentic sharing and all around goodness.

Those friends are a special kind of gift. If you know one, tell them how much they add to your life. If you don’t know one, well…here’s your chance to become one.

That make-it-all-better friend on the BELONG team is none other than Patsy Clairmont. She’s hilariously funny, a brilliant communicator, and best kind of sweet and sassy.

She’s shared her heart and wisdom on stages all over the world, and she’s back at it this fall with our BELONG crew.

Here’s a look at why her friends love who she is and what she brings:

Get your dose of Patsy and more starting THIS August.