Have you ever wondered how all these articles make it onto the BELONG blog? Here’s a peek into the inner workings of the BELONG Staffers:  The other day Leslie showed up at an editorial meeting lugging a big white trash bag stuffed with clothing for Chris. Not because Chris needs clothes—she generally makes the best-dressed list for people in our office—but because she’s gearing up to open a vintage clothing biz and Leslie took the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning.

From there it was a short hop to a lively convo about sharing clothes, getting rid of stuff, don’t people have parties for that sometimes and hey! Wouldn’t that be a good blog topic? So Susan hopped online to look for tips and found that someone had already done a terrific blog about how to host a clothing swap party. That someone is Anna Moseley—no relation to Downton Abbey’s Mr. Mosely, as far as we know—and her blog is called Ask Anna. Since Anna had already collected so many great ideas (thanks, Anna!) the logical thing for us to do was to link to her blog so you could read all her tips for yourself. So that’s exactly what we’ve done.

The post is from 2013 but the advice is still fresh. Read it here.