17 05, 2017

Everyday Foods with Surprising Health Benefits

May 17th, 2017|Food/Recipes, Physical, Practical Tips, Well-Being|

For most of us, there are a handful of foods that always tend to appear on our grocery list. Those everyday foods that are a staple in a lot of our recipes and are a regular part of our diets. Wouldn’t it be great if the foods we eat everyday happened to be packed with good stuff that keeps our whole family healthy? Let’s take a look at some everyday foods with surprising health benefits. #1 - Celery         Celery is one of those “love it or hate it” kind of vegetables. Celery is incredibly versatile. It is [...]

25 05, 2016

Friends Before Dawn

May 25th, 2016|Friendships, Neighbors, Physical|

Sometimes we have to push ourselves to do hard things. Sometimes those hard things bring us the best things. Jen Hatmaker shares her own experience with early mornings and it's unexpected surprises. She tricked me by way of my big heart. That is the first thing you need to know. Oh sure, I guess some of the other girls were there for “fitness” or “health” or “strength training” or whatever the heck gets them out of bed in the morning. This was in their lane, in line with their goals and values. It was an easy yes, I can only [...]