15 03, 2017

Spring Break

March 15th, 2017|Seasonal, Well-Being|

The basic idea is to take a breather from the daily routine to relax and maybe blow off a little steam. But what if we looked at “spring break” from a different perspective?

13 02, 2017


February 13th, 2017|Hospitality, Seasonal|

My first idea was to collect some valentine-y art supplies—paper, stickers, ribbon, doilies—and distribute them to my son’s third-grade classmates . . . . Then, like the Grinch, my project idea grew three sizes that day.

20 12, 2016

God’s Plan

December 20th, 2016|Faith, Seasonal|

We have the advantage of the overview of Mary's circumstances and of God's hand in it all. And what looked unnecessary was all part of a great plan . . .