22 06, 2016


June 22nd, 2016|Faith, Identity|

What happens when you take a detour and can’t ever get back on that original path again? Katherine can tell you. "The greatest detour anyone can take in life...is a near-death experience."

6 06, 2016

Beyond Titles

June 6th, 2016|Friendships, Identity, Identity, Purpose, Vocation|

How do you relay who you are? Shauna Niequist shares a thought provoking story that will make you think twice about how you identify yourself. A friend is leaving her job this month. She’s been working since high school in various jobs—some she’s loved, some she’s tolerated. But for a variety of reasons, it seems clear that now is the time to order her days differently—focus on some things she’s never been able to, with the fullness of her work and parenting and just regular life schedule. It won’t be forever, probably. She’ll find another job she enjoys, next year [...]

5 05, 2016

A New Life at 40

May 5th, 2016|Purpose/Calling, Vocation|

Because several of us heard this on the radio last week and couldn’t stop talking about it . . . Because one day—maybe today!—something you say will change another person’s life. . . Because right now you may “hate every morning you get up” but your calling may be waiting just around the corner . . . And finally, because we love a happy ending . . . We give you the following story, courtesy of our friends at StoryCorps: Listen to or read it here.   StoryCorps is a national nonprofit that gives people the chance to interview friends [...]

30 03, 2016

3 Steps Toward Discovering Your Purpose

March 30th, 2016|Purpose, Purpose/Calling|

Have you ever wished the road to finding your life’s purpose was better marked? (We’d like to see big, flashing arrows that say “this way!”) In today’s post, author and speaker Micca Campbell offers 3 tips to put you on track to a fulfilling life when you’re not sure which way to go.