When we planned the BELONG Tour it was hard to decide where our first tour should go. Really hard. So many cities, so many wonderful women who lived here and there and everywhere . . . but there are only so many weekends on the calendar and we just couldn’t go to every city.

Until now.

Now we can go virtually anywhere—anywhere in the world—via simulcast. And when we say “anywhere” we’re looking at your place.

That’s right: You can bring all the stories, inspiration, and motivation of a BELONG Tour event—even a Nichole Nordeman concert!—to your own living room.

This is a party just waiting to happen. Imagine your friends, family, and neighbors coming together to share:

  • Patsy Clairmont’s funny (and wise) words on relationships
  • What Shauna Niequist learned about throwing candy
  • Sharon Irving’s soul-stirring spoken word piece
  • Jen Hatmaker’s not-so-typical marathon experience
  • Tender stories and beautiful music from Nichole Nordeman
  • Angela Davis’s workouts for body and soul
  • And so much more!

Watch it LIVE from Charlotte, NC on November 4-5 or watch it later on a date that works better for you. Either way, this Friday night-Saturday experience is available to small groups for the low price of just $99. If ten of you watch it, that comes to just under $10 per person. What a deal!

So if you couldn’t make it to a BELONG event this year . . . or you want your people to see what they missed so they’ll go with you next year . . . or you loved the BELONG Tour so much you want to experience it all over again . . .

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Ode to a BELONG Simulcast
with apologies to Dr. Seuss

You can watch BELONG at home

You can watch it all alone

You can watch it with your friends

And see life through a new lens


You can watch it from your couch

You could watch it with your spouse

Watch it live from the arena

Watch it later with friend Tina


You can watch it anywhere

(As long as Internet is there)

Sign up for a Simulcast

And make some memories that last