Angela Davis

Angela is an athlete who is assigned to inspire. As a member of the USA Track and Field Team, Angela held rankings among the highest performing athletes. She ran track professionally for Nike, was an Olympic Trials semi-finalist and a member of the World Championship team. Now Angela combines the drive, intensity and focus it took to be the best on the track with her spiritual and soulful nature as she coaches clients through workouts that not only challenge their bodies, but their minds. She is deeply passionate about seeing women live their best lives, and won’t stop encouraging until they do.


Q: Tell us something about you that the world probably doesn’t know.
A: I love art, I love museums and art galleries – they just calm me and I find peace in strolling through art galleries. I love the aesthetic and texture of it. I love mixed media; I consider photography art. I love street art.

Q: What was the worst job you ever had?
A: I didn’t love working retail.