You may have seen this on our social media channels . . .


It’s no secret that several of our speakers (and some of our staff, for that matter) love to cook. And just about all of us love to eat.

A while back, BELONG speaker Shauna Niequist posted a recipe for “Salade Lyonnaise” on her website. We ran across it again this week and thought you might like to try it. (We plan to!)

It’s a salad, so it sounded light and summery and . . . oh, who are we kidding? It has BACON. And poached eggs. And croutons. (And greens, because salad.) Shauna included pictures and it all looks delicious . . . so if you’re looking for us in the next little bit, we’ll be in the kitchen.

Because we belong there.

That’s where the food is.

Check out the recipe.