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Not-So-Hidden Lessons from Hidden Figures

We love the spunk of the main characters, the inspiring ending [fist pump], and that it’s based on a true story. There are so many special moments. These are a few of our faves.

Stuck in the Doldrums: An Attack Plan

On my best days, our life is heavy duty, but during my low days, I Google search: “fake my own death and disappear,” which Brandon might dub melodramatic, but he is just a dude with a stable mind and can’t be trusted.

10 Things to Keep in Your Car

How ready are you for everyday roadside emergencies? Ten things to keep in your car right now.

Fumbling Into God’s Presence

It’s okay not to be perfect. God doesn’t expect perfection, and when we do, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.


My first idea was to collect some valentine-y art supplies—paper, stickers, ribbon, doilies—and distribute them to my son’s third-grade classmates . . . . Then, like the Grinch, my project idea grew three sizes that day.

Random Fun Facts About Chocolate

Ben Franklin gets the credit for saying that wine was “a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.” We think chocolate smiles on us, too . . .

Write Anyways

There is a choice we get to make, when our life doesn’t make sense. When bad things happen for no reason, when the answer is no when we so desperately want a yes.

A Simple Trick to Make Your Week Happier

Would you like to be happier? Jennifer Dukes Lee shares a simple technique anyone can do that will help you set aside your inner Eeyore and get on track to a happier you.

9 Ways to Help a Friend Who’s Under the Weather

When a friend is sick for a long time—or even if the flu drags on—you want to help out, but aren’t sure how. Here are some ideas…

Football, Faith & One VERY Determined Woman

Did you ever have a dream that just wouldn’t die? This Sunday millions of viewers will see one woman’s dream come to life on national television, and not for the first time . . .

A Day of Rest

Sooner or later, like it or not, we need to stop and rest. Why fight it? Rest is a good thing. Even God took a day off.

7 Ways to Cultivate Curiosity

Studies show that having an inquisitive mind has a host of positive benefits: better physical health, improved mental capabilities, and even deeper social relationships.

Do You Have as Much Sense as Geese?

Humans aren’t the only beings who live in relationship with one another. For example, geese live in the community of their flock. We can learn a lot from them…

From Gratitude to Renewed Faith

I was in the pit of depression and I needed help finding the faith in God that I once knew and trusted. I sat in her office waiting for her a special “how to” formula to rejuvenate my faith.

7 Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

As many busy women know, going to bed is often only half the battle—falling sleep is the hard part. If you have trouble ‘turning off’ at the end of the day, try these tips…

How to Scream for Help

“Honey?” I called to Dave, “I think we have a problem.”…Our cell phones were on the couch in the living room. None of our family or friends knew where we were. We could hardly believe it was happening.

Making Room

Stop, listen, & experience connection with God. So many people requested the words Nichole shared on Saturday mornings at the BELONG Tour that we’ve posted them...

13 Reasons to Celebrate

Just about anything can be fun if you have the right attitude and you can celebrate anything you want “anywhere and anytime at all.” You don’t really need a reason…

Making it Happen 2017

“When it comes to resolutions, I try to put myself into the next New Year’s Eve and think really hard about what I’d like to be grateful for then.”

A Family Crisis Manifesto

I believe these guidelines apply to any family in crisis and those who love them…Set up your rings, explain the out-but-not-in Crazy Policy, and remember that God loves you and is for you.