Happy Thanksgiving!  If you’re thinking “isn’t it a little early?” then you’re probably not in Canada, where our friends to the north are celebrating Thanksgiving today. (Or “Action de Grâce” as it’s known in Quebec.)

But really, is it ever too early to give thanks? We think not. But that’s not our question for the day—this is:

What makes your Thanksgiving celebration special?

Is it the trip “over the river and through the woods” to gather with family and/or friends? Aunt Mabel’s secret recipe congealed salad? Your annual family football game? Turkey-shaped construction paper place cards made from the outlines of little hands? What traditions, foods, activities, and so on, are the “can’t-miss” ingredients for your Thanksgiving?

We want to know! And we want to share, in a future post a little closer to (U.S.) Thanksgiving Day.

So send your story, recipe (if you can get Aunt Mabel to part with it), etc. to [email protected].  

BELONGers come from all over so we expect to have a variety of tastes and traditions to share. Who knows? You might find something new to add to your celebration this year. Or next year, if you’re Canadian.

Happy Thanksgiving!