What do you love about this season of the year? We took an informal poll at the office and came up with these . . . what would YOU add to the list?

 1) Cooler Weather.

The BELONG Tour headquarters is in the Dallas area where temps hit 100 degrees last week so believe us when we say we really look forward to a change in the weather.

2) Pumpkin-Flavored Everything.
Lattes, muffins, bread, you name it–it all tastes like fall to us.

3) Boots & Sweaters.
We love the look, and we love getting to wear it without sweating buckets (see #1 above).

4) Colors.
Trees bursting into glorious shades of red, orange and purple; pumpkins and sunflowers and multi-colored corn—the earth is putting on her party clothes before winter comes.

5) A Sense of Anticipation.
There’s something about this season that feels like good things are about to happen. Maybe a BELONG Tour event coming to a city near you?