You’re welcome to come to BELONG Tour events in any size group, even if that group consists of just you. We want to share just a few of the benefits of rounding up your friends to share your BELONG Tour experience.

  1. Because friends:  Just about everything is more fun when you share it with your friends. Think about this—you invite 5 of your friends, they each invite 1 friend, and you have a group!
  1. It’s budget-friendly: Everyone in the group saves money on their ticket. Everyone. And you?  When you put together a group YOU can come for FREE. (One free ticket with purchase of 10 or more.) BONUS: Buy before June 1 to take advantage of early bird prices and save even more. Talk to one of our friendly Group Specialists for details.
  1. You can snag your spots now: Groups of 10 or more can purchase tickets now before individual tickets go on sale May 1. Ordering now means you get the best seats available.
  1. Special events with BELONG speakers This weekend in Dallas BELONG group leaders are meeting up with Jen Hatmaker at a local foodie event for an evening of mingling and munching. Events are being scheduled for other BELONG Tour cities, too. You know you want to be part of that.
  1. You can hang out in the Living Room: The BELONG Tour Facebook Living Room is a private online space for groups to gather and enjoy exclusive content from our speakers, with activities, conversation guides, and all kinds of online goodness. It’s a great resource for you and your group.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Jen Hatmaker has a few thoughts to share with you about groups and the BELONG Tour. See them here.