One of our BELONG Staffers has spent many happy hours strolling the streets of St. Paul (and not just because she got ever-so-slightly lost). She has personally enjoyed several of the fun things below and hopes to do more when BELONG rolls into town on October 21-22. Maybe you’ll see her there!

Take a Stroll
Just across the river and up the hill from the BELONG event arena you can visit the Cathedral of St. Paul and explore the neighborhood of beautiful historic houses that were/are home to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Garrison Keillor, and other celebs.

Go Underground
The Wabasha Street Caves, an event hall made from sandstone caves on the Mississippi River shore, has been home to mobsters and speakeasies. Stop by on Swing Nights (Thursdays) for big-band music and dance lessons.

Visit Mummy
The Science Museum of Minnesota, across the street from the arena, has a new Egyptian mummy exhibit. If mummies aren’t your thing, go on a National Park Adventure or visit Jerusalem, all from the comfort of their theater.

Return to the Gilded Age
Like Downton Abbey? You’ll love the James J. Hill house, one-time home of the man who built the Great Northern Railway. Once the largest and most expensive home in Minnesota it boasts 36,500 square feet on five floors including 13 bathrooms, 22 fireplaces, and more.

Say Hey to Mickey
Mickey’s Diner has appeared in multiple movies, TV shows, and magazines, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The food is good but the real draw is the multi-tasking cook who dishes out hot plates and banter from the tiniest of kitchens.

Our Vice President of Relationships at the BELONG Tour, Lisa Ailes, is from the St. Paul area; she says her favorite “fun thing to do” is go out on the lake . . . and considering how many lakes there are to choose from in Minnesota, that’s always an option. Do you have any ideas for fun activities to share? We’d love to see them!