We’re launching the 2016 BELONG Tour in Columbus on August 19-20. You’ll be with us, right? As long as you’re downtown you won’t want to miss some of the fun things Columbus has to offer. We found 5, but if you know the area and have ideas to share, don’t keep them to yourself! Post them in the comments.

The BELONG event is right in the heart of it. Known as “downtown Columbus’ most popular neighborhood” the District includes Nationwide Arena (site of the BELONG Tour), Huntington Park (where the AAA baseball Columbus Clippers play), the LC Pavilion featuring indoor and outdoor concerts, numerous hotels, a major movie theater, an athletic club, and dozens of restaurants. Their official website (http://arenadistrict.com) promises, “A trip to the District means must-see live music, incredible restaurants, friendly bars, and mind-blowing entertainment any night of the week.”

If you’ve always wanted to ride one of these, Segway Tours of Columbus offers a 2-hour tour to “discover the charm and history of the city.” It promises to be lots of fun and packed with stories about Ohio’s Capital city. They say no experience is necessary and training comes with the tour! Get the details here. http://www.segawaytoursofcolumbus.com/#_=_

The American Whistle Corporation claims it’s the “ONLY manufacturer of metal whistles in the United States,” and you can take a personally-guided tour. They promise to “entertain you with interesting information about whistles and fascinating machinery—some state of the art, some dating back to the beginning of the company.” Plus, you get a shiny new “American Classic” whistle—perfect for making some noise at the BELONG Tour. More info at: http://www.americanwhistle.com/contact.html

Anthony-Thomas Chocolates in Columbus offers factory tours. Yum. “In an hour,” they say, “tour groups can experience candy making from start to finish in our 152,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art candy factory.” Use your admission fee toward a purchase, because even after all the free samples you’re going to want to take some home! Their open house tours are Tuesday-Thursday but if you have a big group and want to stop by on Friday before BELONG begins, give them a call at (877) 226-3921 to see what they can do. Get the delicious details here. https://www.anthony-thomas.com/

Not just any park: The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, 88 acres of gorgeous just two miles east of downtown. Yes, it’ll be August but the average high is just in the mid-to-low 80’s and besides, they have indoor gardens “filled with exotic plant life and artwork, including a collection of glass works by artist Dale Chihuly.” Venture outdoors to find “botanical gardens, art sculptures, open green space, and a one-mile walking loop”—in other words, “respite from everyday life.” http://www.fpconservatory.org/


Now it’s your turn! What’s your favorite Columbus attraction or activity? Got a great suggestion for where to eat, what to do, where to go? Tell us about it!

NOTE: This post is not sponsored. The information was found in the usual way—by searching the internet and spending far too much time thinking about chocolate. The BELONG Tour has not received any type of remuneration for listing these attractions, nor do we expect to. The BELONG Tour is not responsible for the accuracy of the information at the time of viewing, nor for any adverse experiences you may have as a result of acting on these suggestions. We’re not responsible for any fabulous experiences you may have as a result, either, but we do hope you have them. So, basically, we did the research and now you’re on your own. Go and enjoy. Or not! Totally up to you.