It’s not that we particularly enjoy commercials, as a rule . . . but this time of year some companies outdo themselves with sweetness. International ads tend to be particularly adorable at Christmas. You could get lost for hours on YouTube watching these things but who has time for that? Take a quick tour through our favorites instead. They make us feel merry and bright; we hope you’ll feel the same way, too!

 Mrs. Claus Saves the Day
They say behind every great man is a great woman . . . and in this British ad we see that Santa’s missus is not only great, she’s a serious bad—well, you’ll see.

Buster the Boxer
Some gifts make everyone happy . . . including unexpected friends. Those of you with trampolines may never look at them the same way again.

English for Beginners
We can’t watch this one without dissolving into a puddle, even on repeat viewings. Warning: contains brief strong language—but, bless him, we’re pretty sure this dear Polish man doesn’t know what he’s saying.

The Girl and the Cloud
More of a mini holiday special than an ad, this Irish cartoon reminds us that giving really is better than receiving.

Ginger Deer
Our lone entry from a U.S. company; the “sweet” story of an unusual cookie just looking for a place to belong.

Do you have a favorite Christmas commercial?