The day after Thanksgiving, also known as “Black Friday,” is practically a national holiday for shoppers. But if you don’t feel the urge to join the throngs of bargain hunters, here’s a list of suggestions for other ways to spend the day.

1.  Sleep in.
Let everyone else get up in the middle of the night while you snuggle under the covers.

2.  Go out for breakfast.
Or brunch, if you opt for #1. Since so many people will be at the stores, restaurants should be relatively uncrowded.

3.  Sort your clothes.
Toss items that are damaged and donate things you don’t like or that don’t fit. Then take them all the way to the drop-off center, not just to your car. For extra inspiration, read Jen Hatmaker’s post about her recent clothing purge.

4.  Bake Christmas cookies.
Many can be frozen now—fully cooked or ready-to-bake—and thawed later when you need them.

5.  Go for a drive.
National parks are open today so that’s an option or you can just meander through the countryside enjoying the view.

6.  Connect with friends/family who aren’t shopping either.
Because the ones who are shopping will be too busy hunting down bargains to talk.

7.  Clean out your inbox.
What are the odds you still need those emails from 2013? Let them go.

8.  Visit a museum or gallery.
The one in your area you’ve been meaning to go to for years…that one. Go there.

9.  Make your gift-giving list.
Planning now can help relieve stress—and help you stay on budget—later.

10. Volunteer.
Check out options at your favorite charity, help an elderly neighbor decorate for Christmas, or just pick up trash.

11. Go for a walk. Maybe at the zoo.
Or around the block, whatever works for you. The fresh air and exercise will do you good.

12. Finally finish that book you’ve been reading.
Find a comfortable spot and settle in for a long winter’s read.

13. Decorate for Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever you celebrate.
Deck the halls and all that, preferably with seasonal music or movies playing in the background.

14. Do one of those little projects you always say you’ll get to “later.”
Today can be “later.” Seriously, the emotional payoff of crossing minor things off your list far outweighs the few minutes it will actually take to do them.

15. Be still.
Quiet your body, mind, and soul for a bit. As the Psalm says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

16. Putter around the yard.
Rake leaves, sweep the patio, talk to your plants, hug a tree…whatever you need to do to get your yard ready for winter.

17. Write, address, and stamp Christmas cards.
Then put them in the mail. Boom. Done.

18. Deep clean your bathroom.
NOT the most fun activity, but think how good you’ll feel when it’s done.

19. Watch Christmas movies.
Bonus: you can actually do this while also doing many of the other options on this list. If you’re watching a musical, it’s recommended that you sing along.

20. Play a game.
Board games, football, princess tea party . . . let out your inner child to have a little fun.

21. Clean your phone.
Have you looked at it lately? Eeeuuww.

22. Plan a New Year’s Eve party.
What are you doing New Year’s Eve? This is your chance to plan something you’ll enjoy, even if it’s just you and the cat watching movies in front of the fire.

23. Do something creative.
Paint, decorate, cook, sew, get out your scissors and glue and make a paper garlands (for a vintage feel use old book pages for the paper)—give in to your artistic impulses.

24. Enjoy a spa day.
Get fluffed and buffed for holiday parties with a massage/mani-pedi/facial…whatever makes you happy.

25. Play “Chopped” with your leftovers.
Challenge yourself to create a completely new dish out of the remnants of yesterday’s feast. If you can make it a family competition, so much the better; those who don’t want to or can’t cook can serve as judges.

We’re open to suggestions: what did we leave off? How did you spend Black Friday?