updated: 04/04/2018

To Our BELONG Tour Community,

There are still a number of ticket holders yet to refund, and we will continue to refund as we are able.  Please know this is a top priority and we are doing everything we can as quickly as possible.   This will take time, and we are unable to give a timeframe for completion.

We continue to ask for your Christ like patience and understanding as we know it has already taken more time than first expected.

This is disappointing for all of us. Again, we apologize for this challenge and we personally thank each and every one of you for patience, peace and grace.

If you bought tickets directly from the venue or from TicketMaster, your payment will be refunded directly from them.  Please contact them with any questions regarding your refund as we do not have any record of these transactions.

We can only issue refunds to the original ticket buyers as shown in our ticketing system.  If you purchased through a group leader, we will refund the group leader who will then refund you.

We are doing our best to do right by everyone, and admittedly there have been some setbacks. We continue to ask for patience as we move forward.

If you already have registered, we have your information as we only needed you to enter it once.  If you have not registered at this point, please CLICK HERE.

NOTE: If you’ve already requested a refund, you do not need to take any action. You’re already on the list.

We will respond as promptly as we are able to, to address all questions and concerns.

Thank you for your Christ like love, patience, grace and support you continue to show us.

The BELONG Tour Team